In the time of 60´s, D. Marcos Gutiérrez started in the metallurgic industry in a Burgos workshop of no more tan 100m2 doing small metal structures.

In 1989 Estructuras Marcos S.A. is founded, company dedicated to manufacture metal structures and boiler, specialized in industrial buildings.

Due to heavy workload and the special needs of our customers, Metálicas Estrumar S.A. is formed in 2001 at an strategic point of the Villalonquejar´s industrial estate in Burgos, where with a plant of more tan 18.0000 m2, ultimate generation machinery and one highly qualified human team, have been able to make big size and technical complexity structures, like the Museo de la Evolución Humana in Burgos or Supersur viaducts in Bilbao.

In 2014 we adquired the CE certificate as steel structure component manufacturers under the UNE EN 1090-1 y 2:2011 standards, kind of execution EXC 3.